song map

I helped create a song map of Great Britain, check it out here (just in time for Christmas)


Cutting a new record

Cutting an album at Emil Berliner Studios in the same building as Hansa Studios in Berlin! Due for release on vinyl on Lowswing Records and cassette on Coax Records early 2017


cutting-1 cutting-2



Back to Brighton

I’m putting my dj hat on and playing some tunes at the Marlborough Queer Power party for Pride. I aim to rock the house.

Saturday August 6th.

FB info here

queer power

In July

I get to play two lovely gigs in July. The first with Rowan Coupland and Deer Diary, at Laika, Neukölln, Berlin 21/07/16

Secondly, I go to Braunschweig, back to the Nexus for their Sommerfest, 23/07/16, more info here. Nice!



May Dates



I’m playing some nice shows in May. First is with Hot Tears in Berlin, more info here

Then Nürnberg on May 13th for the finnisage of the Woodland Recordings exhibition at Nordkurve. Facebook info here

The next day I head to Munich to play the famous Pfingsten Theatron festival.

Tuesday May 24th I open for Viking Moses at the Loophole in Berlin. More info to follow..

Hope to see you!

I wrote a tour blog for KNIK, the zine of The Occii in Amsterdam here: